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COFFEE TABLE WITH VINTAGE LUMBER AND IRON PIPE BASE.  There are so many options I will only describe one possibility.  Coffee table using reclaimed lumber, 24" x 36", with a height of 18". 3/4" or 1" iron pipe is used for the base. Pipe is painted any one of 80+ colors but most customers desire flat black for a true urban/industrial look.  Wood is sanded smooth with rounded edges and then assembled. A 1 1/2" end cap is attached.  Customer has choice of stain plus finish or clear finish.  The price of the vintage wood varies from $3.50 a board foot to $9.50 a BF.  After customer has provided table size and type of wood, a custom quote will be provided.  Using the size described above with a stain/wax finish, vintage lumber at $5.50 BF, the price would be $225.00.

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