CREATIONS, by George

Iron Pipes and More....Design, Manufacture, Install

Your possibilities are endless.  Add the urban/industrial style to any home, loft, condo, office or gathering place.

Your imagination is the only limit to the types of furnishings and accessories you can design.  And don't forget your exterior.  Using one of the many protective coatings available today, you may create or add to any style, using an industrial flair.
Using pipe and fittings can be very cost effective, support heavy or bulky items, and will last a lifetime. 

Iron pipe and fittings may be used as a stand-alone material for your urban/industrial chic design.  The look is simple and clean, a natural style.  But consider softening the look using layering and texture by adding wood (vintage or distressed, a key component of the style), paint for contrast and impact (one color or a combination of finishes), ceramics, or glass to customize your creation.

CREATIONS is your industrial project studio to provide the final product of your ideas.  Basic décor items are always available.  These accessories include assembled pipes and fittings for paper towels or bathroom paper, towel bars, curtain rods, single or multiple shelving, wall sconces, book cases and candle or votive candle holders.  Each is available clear coated, painted a color of choice, or stone finished, ready to enhance your home or business.

Wood that is part of your project may be stained, painted, or clear coated to highlight your present décor.

Adding a customized bottle vase or an iron pipe candle/flower holder provides an industrial touch to any room.  With over 80 colors and finishes to choose from, we can find the perfect match for your present color scheme.


You have an idea for an accessory or major décor piece such as a book case for your interior or exterior space.  Communicating in-person or by email (, we will begin with the basics moving forward with the specifics.  Provide the measurements and a picture of the final location.  If anchoring is required, what is the wall, floor, or ceiling composition?  What finish will be applied to the pipe and fittings?  If wood is part of the project, consider these options: what type, thickness-length-width, new or vintage, and type of finish?

Upon request, I can provide the following color charts from Rust-Oleum:

  • Specialty from Creative to Functional.  Includes frosted glass, mirror effect, rippled effect, chalk board, polyurethane, camouflage, and triple thick glaze.
  • Universal -- "all" surface paint including metallic, hammered and clear coating.
  • Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel.  Includes gloss and satin colors, textured, textured metallic and multicolor textured.
  • Painter's Touch>  Includes an extensive color selection with gloss, metallic, satin, flat, semi-gloss and matte finishes.



  • Volume orders are a specialty.
  • Available to consult at your convenience.
  • Installation is available with all orders.
Looking for the creative centerpiece for each table?  CREATIONS will customize each glass vase or iron pipe item to match the color and theme of the event.
Send CREATIONS your idea or order.  CREATIONS is waiting to hear from you.
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